We would love for you to share the models you develop using Anglican with the community. To share an interesting model follow these steps.

  1. git fork Anglican Examples.
  2. Make a new worksheet containing your model in the fork.
  3. Create a pull request.
  4. Explain your new model and what it teaches in the comment.

Improvements to Anglican

Anglican is open source and we encourage community involvement of all kinds.

Proposing patches:

  1. git fork Anglican.
  2. Make changes in the fork. The code map in the repository explains the source tree layout and module contents.
  3. Create a pull request.
  4. If the pull request resolves an issue, refer to the issue in the comment.

Reporting bugs

Contributor Style guide

When suggesting fixes/changes/improvements, stick to the following rules, or discuss before breaking them knowingly.

General Formatting

Documenting the code


Unit testing

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